High School Boys & Girls Practice Schedule

At the end of each semester, athletic departments across Kansas are required to check the eligibility of their student‐athletes that were previously submitted to the Kansas State High School Activities Association (KSHSAA). While each school in Kansas may implement their own academic eligibility guidelines, the MINIMUM guidelines that all schools MUST follow is that ALL students involved in any KSHSAA activities MUST pass a MINIMUM of 5 classes each semester in order to be eligible. It is very rare that a school of any size doesn’t have at least a few kids to submit, so I am excited to report that we did not have any ineligible JH and HS student‐athletes that were on a KSHSAA roster!!! So, while our students can certainly continue to improve their grades, it just goes to show you the correlation between participating in extracurricular activities and geƫting good grades, achieving higher GPA’s, and having better attendance, etc. Please continue to keep your child on task, ask questions each day and follow their grades on PowerSchool. We have just completed the junior high basketball season and we are just over halfway through the high school basketball and wrestling season. 

 We have had many highlights thus far and our teams are still battling hard down the stretch: 

  Junior High Basketball: The Junior Lady Vikings became Back to Back League Champions as they won the regular season FHJL title for the second year in a row and finished Runner‐up at the FHJL Tournament. The JH Boys took 4th place in both the regular season and in the FHJL tournament. 

  High School Basketball: The MV Boys BB team won the regular season League Championship for first time in school history with a perfect 6‐0 record. The Vikings won their 1st round game but after losing their top scorer in the 1st qtr. of the Semi‐Finals, they lost a couple of close games to finish 4th in the tournament. The Lady Vikings started out the season playing some top‐notch competition, but have now won 3 games in a row after finishing 5th in the League Tournament. 

  HS Wrestling: The HS Wrestling team has 7 wrestlers and have placed as a team in the top half of the team scores in several meets they’ve attended. They also have 4‐6 wrestlers that have consistently placed and scored points at each meet. Their most impressive finish was placing 4th out of 10 teams at Council Grove with only five wrestlers. Just as impressive was that all 5 wrestlers placed in the top 3 and earned medals (two were 1st and three were 3rd). 

 Sub‐State Basketball and Regional Wrestling Dates & Locations: 

 Marion HS will host Sub‐State Basketball from Feb. 25 ‐ Mar. 2. The highest four seeds will host the first round on 25 ‐ 26. 

 Rossville HS will host Regional Wrestling on Feb. 15 ‐ 16. 

 ‘WINTER ROYALTY’: Congratulations to Brandon Hittle, King and Baylee Lowe, Queen 

Scholars Bowl: 

 The Scholars Bowl team has had a good year but have really peaked at the right time by placing 3rd at the Flint Hills League Meet on Jan. 24th. MV actually tied for 2nd place but lost head to head to that opponent. However, we practically doubled the 2nd place team’s score on the same league opponents that we both faced. Wabaunsee HS will host Regional Scholars Bowl on Jan. 31st . 

With the final month of basketball ahead of us, I am adding information on our state’s ‘Sportsmanship’ Rule – Rule 52. Our goal the remainder of the season is to continue to display the best sportsmanship in the league. This doesn’t mean that we can’t be the loudest team in the league, it just means that we focus on cheering FOR our teams, rather than AGAINST our opponents! ‘RULE 52’: I want to mention how PROUD I am of our students that attend both Home and Away high school games, as they’ve shown such spirit and Sportsmanship! With the high school basketball season geƫng underway, we recognize the “trickle down” effect that college sports and their fans have on students, parents and patrons at the high school level, and while there is great enjoyment in watching college sports, please keep in mind that high school athletics are a continuation of the educational process (hence, “extracurricular”). 

Part of my job as Athletic Director is to not only educate our student body, but parents and patrons as well on the importance of abiding by the KSHSAA’s ‘Rule 52’ which is known as the ‘Sportsmanship rule’! This rule was put into place several years ago as students, parents and patrons were taking things too far at athletic events by yelling derogatory or threatening comments at officials, coaches and players. Basically, ‘Rule 52’ states that fans should cheer for your team, rather than against your opponent. Examples of ‘Rule 52’ violations are: Booing an official’s call; yelling during an opponent’s free throws; yelling or making derogatory comments at athletes and coaches from either team. We know that emotions can run pretty high when our team or loved ones are involved in a close game, or on the wrong end of a questionable call, but please remember our negative reaction to a situation only paints a negative picture of our school and communities. 


 Just a reminder that ‘Weekly Eligibility’ for all extracurricular activities carries over to both the winter and spring seasons as well. The eligibility list tracks ALL MV 7‐12 students, not just those out for activities. 

 All patrons and groups MUST fill out a ‘Facility’ and ‘Fund‐Raising’ Request Form PRIOR to fund‐raising and using any MV facilities. This will help keep administration, secretaries, custodians and staff aware of calendar and facility items. 

Respecƞully submitted, Rod Hasenbank, 7‐8 Principal/7‐12 A.D.