We eagerly anticipate the end of this snowy winter season and the coming of warmer weather. With the new season comes many important school events. Please remember to frequently check the school’s website (www.mv330.org) where we feature a live‐feed of postings and a list of calendar events. If you would like to see the calendar events in a month’s view, please click on [Monthly Calendar] under Quick Links at the bottom of our website’s main page. 

PARENT‐TEACHER CONFERENCES on March 6th and 7th from 4:00 pm ‐ 8:00 pm This year we will be having Student‐Led Advisory Conferences. Each JH/HS student has been hard at work creating presentations to share with you their parent(s) and their advisor during these conferences. These presentations will focus on class grades, attendance, career goals, plans to prepare for collegiate testing, and plans for careers and/or college. 


 Building on to the student’s portfolio what will lead them to a confident decision by graduation for all post‐secondary activities (career or college). 

 Increase the effectiveness of the student/parent/staff conversation(s) regarding the student’s future by viewing what they are currently doing now at Mission Valley Jr/Sr High School. 

 Put the topic of post‐graduation planning to the student early and often. 

 Build value in student’s opportunities and effort towards planning and self‐regulation. 

 A scheduled 20 minutes conference with the student, parent(s)/guardian(s), and advisor. 

 A presentation that promotes a shared discussion led by the student on their academic goals, their career interests, their academic progress, their Individual Plan of Study, any grade level specific information, future plans in the post-secondary environment, what their proud of and what they may struggle with and how you can help. 

 Student, Parent(s), and Adviser will review the student’s grades and their progress towards the desired diploma.

THANK YOU to the NORTHEAST KANSAS AMATEUR ASTRONOMERS LEAGUE (NEKAAL) A group of amateur astronomers (NEKAAL) operate the Farpoint Observatory on the north end of the school’s property. NEKAAL has provided opportunities for USD 330 and the public to have access to astronomy and the wonders of the night sky for many years. Information about NEKAAL and a schedule of events for the public can be found at www.nekaal.org. We wish to thank NEKAAL for donating this telescope to the school for students to check‐out from our JH/HS library. ****************************************************************************************************