Spring is quickly approaching so hopefully this wintery weather pattern we are in will start moving back North so the cold, snowy, icy days that we have been experiencing will become a distant memory. With Spring comes many things in education such as new bills from Kansas Legislature, school finance discussions, state testing, preparing for graduation, building class schedules for next year, filling vacancies, class trips, etc… 

In today’s world unfortunately we also must stay on a heightened sense of safety and security. This increased level of security is not only for our schools but also in our communities and homes. There are things that each one of us can do to assist in the prevention and/or deter school violence and bullying/harassment. One of the best things that we, as adults, can do is to build meaningful relationships with students. Students who feel they are valued and have an adult that they can communicate with are more likely to make better choices and to express their feelings openly. It should be stressed to children and young adults the importance of sharing with an adult anything that is concerning or could be an unsafe situation. The value and benefits of building relationships with students are important in so many ways, this includes the safety and security of our school, communities, and home. Students and adults can all work together, ”If We See or Hear Something‐‐REPORT IT!” Concerning information can be reported to local law enforcement, school administration or call the Kansas School Safety Hotline at 877‐626‐8203. 

Another important thing that we can do is to make sure that social media accounts are being closely monitored for anything that might be a concern. It is recommended that social media accounts such as SnapChat not be used by children because of the difficulty to track information that is being shared. The administration is often notified of social media conflicts between students and asked what “the school” can do about it. To assist the school with addressing specific events we ask that we receive copies of what is being sent, when it was sent, from where it was sent, etc… Inappropriate messages sent during the school day that originated from MV property or using Mission Valley technology can be handled much easier than messages sent outside of school time, off school property and with personal devices. Can schools discipline for actions off of school property and outside of school time? YES! However, the messages sent need to impede the educational process or cause a disruption in the school environment. 

USD 330 Mission Valley built in 3 Snow Days at the end of the school year. So far this year we have missed 6 days of school because of inclement weather. To meet the requirements of the Kansas State Department of Education USD 330 Mission Valley will be in session on May 17th, May 20th, and May 21st. As of today those are the only days that we will need to make‐up. We have one more “forgiveness” day that we can use but in the event that we reach a 7th day then we will need to make up any days past six. 

Here are a couple quick reminders: 1) Please remember to download the MV App for your smartphone or other electronic device. 2) Please remember to contact the administrative office if your contact address, phone number, email address changes. 3) 

If you would like the monthly District Newsletter emailed or sent directly to you please contact the USD 330 District Office. 

Have a great Spring and the remainder of the school year.

Yours in Education,

Bill Clark, Superintendent